US Open Partnership Yielded a $9 Return for Every Dollar Spent

The US Tennis Association and media analysts provided a recap of the US Open with Explore Asheville’s sponsorship. The estimated media value, based on audience and airtime, totaled $13.2 million. That means every dollar invested in sponsorship generated a nine-dollar return to date. The 2022 US Open set its highest-ever attendance record for the tournament, welcoming 888,044 fans. Television viewership also reached all-time highs, with 216.6 million global viewers, a 20 percent increase from the previous year.

The US Open partnership shined a spotlight on Asheville through on-court signage in Arthur Ashe Stadium, videoboards at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, a sponsored session, and in-person client engagement through two suite sessions. It also afforded Asheville exposure through multiple US Open channels, such as marketing messages on, US Open radio, and newsletter.

One reason Explore Asheville decided to partner with the US Open was the opportunity for exposure to a wide audience equally split between gender and age. Sponsorship of this event also supports our strategic imperative to engage and invite more diverse audiences, as 34% of fans were of non-Caucasian descent.

The consumer research survey following the event showed that 36% of fans who attended matches at Explore Asheville courts recalled our branding, and 46% of all attendees responded they are likely to try a product or service that is a US Open Partner.

We expect this partnership to continue encouraging prospective visitors, meetings, and events to choose Asheville.