Editorial Content Policy

How We Use Editorial Content

The vision behind ExploreAsheville.com is a content-rich website that is both inspirational and practical for travelers. Editorial features are heavily integrated across the website to pull readers into sections beyond their original point-of-entry.

Downstream traffic to our partners’ websites is the ultimate goal, as we drive users into very prominent and user-friendly partner listings, booking features, listing search functions, partner deals, and event information.

Introducing: Our Content Network

The editorial content you see on the new ExploreAsheville.com is primarily written by a network of paid, bylined freelance contributors who are professional writers with a level of authority on their subject matter. Using contributing writers and their stories is something new for us. This model offers an authentic, authoritative, third-party view of destination news and attributes—something that we believe will show an exceptional level of authenticity and legitimacy to potential travelers.

Much like a media outlet, the Explore Asheville CVB team offers broad editorial direction and angle recommendations on the front-end of the story assignment, but, ultimately, the writer’s research and editorial process determines the final product. And just as you would not expect a magazine article on Asheville’s food scene to include all 300+ Buncombe County restaurants, not every story or itinerary on the site will include every partner that fits the topic. The result is high-quality, curated content, intended to complement our extensive listings and to inspire travelers to take what piques their interest and to make it part of their own trip.

How You Can Work With Us

The development of new editorial content is ongoing, and opportunities for partner inclusion will be plentiful as those stories are assigned and written.

Much the same way as you work with media outlets and the Explore Asheville CVB public relations team, one of the best ways to ensure your news and happenings stay on our radar is regular communication. Please send an email to news@exploreasheville.com with new offerings, packages, and interesting stories—formal press releases are not required; we love informal notes and hellos! Note that one-time events or deals are great to share (and should certainly be listed on our website as appropriate), but are more difficult to cover in more evergreen and long-term editorial stories.

To maintain an authentic and authoritative voice on the site, it is our policy not to make content changes to stories once they are published. However, if, at any time, you spot a factual error or outdated information anywhere on the website, please do not hesitate to let us know.