The Annual Meeting of Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority is usually an in-person presentation and reception hosted by Explore Asheville. This year, the event was held virtually, in two parts.

Part 2, “The Road Ahead,” took place on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 10 – 11:15 a.m., covering an update from Explore Asheville that included presentations from the Community Engagement, Groups Sales & Service, and Marketing departments.

Agenda: Part 2 of BCTDA Annual Meeting

View recordings of the presentations below:

> Welcome & Opening Remarks – Chris Cavanaugh, Interim Executive at Explore Asheville. Includes an introduction to new Explore Asheville President & CEO, who will start on December 1. (Runs to 04:09)

> Community Engagement Update – Pat Kappes, Director of Community Engagement. Includes information on new partner support options, safety resources, and an update on the Wayfinding system. (Runs 04:10 to 11:56)

> Group Sales & Services Outlook – Dianna Pierce, VP of Sales, with Carli Adams, Group Communications & Services Manager. An update on strategies and tactics to bring group business back to Asheville and Buncombe County. (Runs 11:57 to 33:17)

> Marketing & PR Outlook – Marla Tambellini, Deputy Director and VP of Marketing, with Dodie Stephens, Director of Communications. Update includes current research on consumer sentiment, marketing and creative plans, safety messaging, public relations and new tech tools (Runs 33:20 to 1:18:18.)

Part 1 of BCTDA Annual Meeting

Part 1 took place earlier in the month on Oct. 7, 3:30 – 5 p.m., which included an overview of the state of tourism in Buncombe County by Interim Executive Chris Cavanaugh, the presentation of the 2020 William A.V. Cecil Tourism Leadership Award to AIR – Asheville Independent Restaurant Association – and a compelling keynote speech and call to action by Earl B. Hunter, Jr., the founder and president of Black Folks Camp Too.

> Read highlights here.

> View the recording here.

Documents mentioned during Part 1 and Part 2 Presentations

> BCTDA Annual Report – FY 2019-2020

> Sales & Marketing Plan – FY 2020-2021