Interested in joining the Tourism Product Development Fund Committee?

Here’s what you need to know.

The Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority’s (BCTDA) Tourism Product Development Fund (TPDF) Committee makes recommendations to the BCTDA for funding projects that will generate new room nights for lodging facilities in Buncombe County, as mandated by state legislation.

Past recipients of grant funds through the TPDF grant program include the recently completed River Arts District transportation improvement project, which encompasses greenways, sidewalks, public art, parking, bike lanes, and landscaping. Others range from family attractions like the WNC Nature Center and Pack Square Park to the arts such as Asheville Art Museum and Montfort Park Players to sports and recreation including the Enka Center Ballfields and Muni Golf Course to culture and heritage such as the WNC Farmers Market and the African American Heritage Trail, now under development.

Committee Member Roles & Responsibilities

In assessing applications for TPDF grants, Committee members must have a thorough understanding of the grant requirements as mandated by the legislation and are responsible for upholding the priorities of the BCTDA. Grant requirements and scoring criteria are included in a TPDF Program Guide, which members use to determine if a project satisfies program requirements. Committee members are expected to maintain an unbiased position and refrain from communications or meetings with applicants throughout the review process.

Time Commitment

Committee members serve a term that consists of three funding cycles spanning a minimum of three years. Members may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

A typical funding cycle includes a series of committee meetings:

  • Phase I Review
  • Phase II Review & Project Presentations
  • Site Visits
  • Final Review

Committee members are required to attend each meeting and should expect to actively participate in group discussions. Meetings range from three to eight hours in length and require substantial preparation, including reviewing lengthy application documents with financials, marketing plans, and feasibility studies. Committee members may also be asked to attend other meetings outside of the grant cycle to assess project issues as they arise.

Other Requirements

A majority of the members of the Committee must be persons who are owners or operators of hotels, motels, or other taxable lodging accommodations. The remainder of the committee shall be comprised of representatives with tourism, legal or financial expertise.

To Apply

If you wish to be considered for future openings, please submit your statement of interest, with a request that it be filed for future potential opportunities, to:

Explore Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau
Attention: Tourism Product Development Fund
27 College Place, Suite 200
Asheville, NC 28801