Welcome Bag Gift Guide Submission Form

Explore Asheville’s group sales & service team will publish a new online Welcome Bag Gift Guide for meeting organizers to source as they plan their event in Asheville. The guide will highlight a curated list of locally crafted products. Think small scale (can fit in a gift bag), portable and available for bulk ordering. Do you have a product that would be a great welcome gift for groups coming to Asheville? We want to know!

How to Qualify?

To be eligible to participate, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Products must be made in Buncombe County
  • Products should be small in scale and able to fit inside a welcome bag
  • Tangible/physical products are preferred however some experiences or virtual offerings can be eligible
  • Partners must have adequate stock/inventory of products. Bulk availability is best. Do not submit a product if you are unable to fulfill items or if you have only a few items on hand as things will quickly sell out!
  • Products should fit within the following categories:
    • Handcrafted Wares
    • Artisan Food & Beverages
    • Outdoors & Wellness
    • Art & Craft

Submission are being accepted now through Monday, May 1, 2023. Please fill out the following form with all your information, including a high-resolution image that best represents your artwork/company. If you have any questions, please email the Explore Asheville team at services@exploreasheville.com.


Please check all that apply.
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Please include a link to your e-commerce website page, if applicable.
If you do not have a business website, please include your company phone number.
Maximum 10 words
Please attach a high-resolution image that will accompany your gift guide submission. Must be 300 dpi or at least 1 MB file size. If applicable, please include photographer credit information in the product description section above.