Explore Asheville Call for 2022 News

The Explore Asheville PR and content teams are gathering insights to help echo your news across the 2022 calendar year. Help us spread the word about Asheville!

We are currently collecting news from our partners for the 2022 calendar year. Please fill out the form below by Thursday, October 28, to be included in media pitching and pre-publicity for the coming year. If you aren’t ready to share your news yet, feel free to email the Explore Asheville marketing team any time at news@exploreasheville.com.

*Even if your big news is not quite ready for prime time, the team is happy to accept tips. Just mark your news as “tentative or embargoed” and we’ll confirm with you before we pitch it to media. It is always helpful for the team to be in-the-know as we look out for long-lead publicity opportunities and help make those connections to your business.


For internal purposes only; we will not share your contact information outside of the organization.
Do you have any updates or openings to share? Do you have any new or different offerings for the upcoming year?
What kinds of new packages, offerings, tours or experiences is your business planning that are unique to Asheville?
Do you have a new package, new tour, new amenity or new visitor-facing experience with a tie to sustainable travel?
What is something your business is planning that involves wellness?
What creative and collaborative efforts will you be undertaking in the new year? Especially looking for stories that have an impact on the community
Do you have any news regarding meetings or new experiences for large groups?
Do any of your plans have historic tie-ins?
What new art and music experiences are you offering in 2022?
As always, we'd love to hear your compelling backstories and passion points!