Economic Impact

In 2017, Buncombe County attracted 11.1 million visitors, including 3.9 million overnight guests. Visitors spent $2 billion, generating $3.1 billion in economic impact and supporting 27,240 jobs, as reported by esteemed research firm, Tourism Economics. Tourism is the third largest employer in the area, and a significant driver of the Asheville economy.

  • On average, 30,410 people visit Buncombe County each day, spending $5.4 million daily.
  • Tourism generated $199.2 million in state and local taxes, helping offset the average Buncombe County household tax burden by $1,950¬†per household.
  • 1-in-7 jobs in Buncombe County are supported by the tourism industry. Without tourism, the unemployment rate would be 15.2%.

Download the report:
2017 Economic Impact of Tourism in Buncombe County, NC