Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority Board

Buncombe County TDA Overview

The Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority is a public authority with a public purpose to enhance the economic vitality of Buncombe County. It does this by attracting visitors to the community to spend money at local businesses, providing jobs, generating tax revenue and creating facilities for residents. In addition, the entrepreneurs and organizations that are supported by visitors make our community a more vibrant and interesting place to live.

The Buncombe County TDA was established by State law to administer the occupancy tax according to the enabling legislation. The composition of the board and qualifications of its members are detailed in the legislation.

BCTDA Board Members: Community Volunteers Appointed According to Legislation

The 11 volunteers who serve as members of the BCTDA board are appointed according to legislated criteria to provide professional expertise that ensures effective use of the occupancy tax for the people who live here.

  • Four members are appointed by Asheville City Council, four by the Buncombe County Commission, and one by the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • Six represent accommodations that collect the tax and three are from non-lodging, tourism-related businesses.
  • One Buncombe County Commissioner and one City Council Member serve as non-voting, ex-officio board members.

The members of the BCTDA oversee the work of the Explore Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau to execute an extensive promotional program designed to attract visitors to Buncombe County. The Buncombe County TDA and Explore Asheville also manage the Tourism Product Development Fund, which provides grants to community projects.

Meet the Members of the BCTDA Board

Kathleen Mosher, Board Chair
Chamber Appointed

Brenda Durden, Vice Chair
Asheville Hotel Group
County Appointed

Leah Wong Ashburn, Treasurer of the Nonprofit
Highland Brewing Company
County Appointed

Gary Froeba

HP Patel
BCA Hotels
County Appointed

Scott Patel
Pure Hospitality
County Appointed

Andrew Celwyn
City Appointed

Larry Crosby
The Foundry Hotel
City Appointed

Matthew Lehman
The Grand Bohemian Asheville
City Appointed

Michael Lusick
FIRC Group, Inc.
City Appointed

Sandra Kilgore - BCTDA Board Member

Councilmember Sandra Kilgore
Asheville City Council
Ex-Officio Member

Robert Pressley

Commissioner Robert Pressley
Buncombe County Commission
Ex-Officio Member