Explore Asheville’s Strategic Imperatives

Strategic Imperatives Aligned With Community Priorities

The Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority is charting a new course for tourism aligned with broader community priorities. This includes the adoption of strategic imperatives that are informing and guiding the direction of Explore Asheville’s program of work and community investments going forward.

The Quarterly Highlights reports provide updates of our progress toward these strategic imperatives throughout the fiscal year. You can also find information from the discussions and presentations at Buncombe County TDA meetings, in our newsletters, at partner events, at the BCTDA’s Annual Planning Session and via other communication channels.

Delivering Balanced & Sustainable Growth: Topline Objectives
      •  Balancing quality of life for residents & experience for visitors through project investments
      •  Collaborating with broader community leaders to ensure sustainable growth & alignment
      •  Protecting and evolving Asheville’s brand to further differentiate from competing destinations and inspire higher quality visits
      •  Improving the quality of each visit by inspiring increased length of stay & dispersal
      •  Accelerating proactive sales efforts to increase net new business to the destination
Encouraging Safe & Responsible Travel: Topline Objectives
      •  Influencing visitors to respect, protect and preserve natural, cultural, and human resources
      •  Increasing the number of bookings that participate in community projects
      •  Identifying, qualifying, and engaging purpose-driven companies for the purpose of holding meetings here
      •  Encouraging partners to embrace sustainable and responsible tourism practices
Engaging & Inviting More Diverse Audiences: Topline Objectives
      •  Extending a genuine invitation to diverse audiences
      •  Developing and investing in community projects that attract and engage diverse audiences
      •  Increasing outreach in the recruitment of diverse meetings and events
      •  Promoting minority owned businesses through group sales initiatives
      •  Increasing diversity of the partner network
Promoting & Supporting Asheville’s Creative Spirit: Topline Objectives
      •  Elevating Asheville’s creative experiences to differentiate and inspire visits
      •  Actively promoting the creative community and resources to groups and events
      •  Creating opportunities for partners to learn about and support creative spirit
Running a Healthy & Effective Organization: Topline Objectives
      •  Demonstrating organizational commitment to local, diverse creators, makers, & vendors
      •  Increasing team performance and effectiveness
      •  Prioritizing professional development and training
      •  Focusing on events and communications strategies to increase community engagement